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Yours, truly.

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

I was born in Albany, Georgia. Growing up, I was was the only son stuck between my older sister, Kaitlyn, and twin sister, Hannah. My father and mother, Vince and Tracy, raised me in a godly home, one centered around God’s word and built on prayer. Over the course of my childhood, traveling was normal in the life of the King family. Everyone played travel sports, vacations were in differing destinations, and mission trips were heavily encouraged and championed. Along the way, I learned a valuable lesson- some of God’s greatest gifts are found in family and friends. We experience the height of these gifts when traveling together. Adventures create stories, stories engrave memories, memories last a lifetime.

I am married to someone I count as one of God's greatest gifts in my life- Caroline. She reflects Proverbs 31, she loves passionately, and is a mad supporter of my life's calling and my crazy ideas and ambitions. She is also stunning. Whew!

I am currently a pastor on staff at a church in Northern Alabama. Amongst many passions including athletics, fly fishing, and photography, nothing compares to my passion for sharing about the very thing that changed my life… Jesus.

With all of those things combined, As We Go was created. Think of it this way- this is really my way of saving memories, promoting truth, and expressing biblical principles. And, it’s just dang fun.

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