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Undeserved blessings

Life is full of changes. Seasons come and seasons go, but the Lord is faithful through it all. The past two months have been a whirlwind! I have recently officially trnasitioned out of student ministry and into my new role. Our church family held it's first missions conference and it radically changed us for the better. Our guest room is stacked high with diapers, wipes, and other baby necessities. In the midst of all of those things, we have been building our first house.

God has made us promises that He will alwasy uphold. On top of those promises, He sometimes works in ways beyond what we already don't deserve. What you see above is exactly that. We have worked diligently to save for this day. We have striven to be found faithful in what we have been given to steward. The Lord opened up a door for us and we could not be more excited! In this house will many memories be made. Some of the most cherished ones will be centered around the beginning of our baby girl's life. Since August, we have been driving out every week to see the progress the builders have made. Before the walls were finished, we snagged a few of our closest friends and asked them to mark our house up with written scriptures and prayers. These scriptures and prayers were about the household of believers, marriage, children, parenthood, and faithfulness. After we spent time writing, we gathered on the concrete floor of our new soon-to-be living room and prayed for the Lord's hand of protection, providence, and peace over our home, family, and gospel ministry.

We are so excited to be planted in northern Alabama! We are forever grateful for the gift of close friends who are family. We count it a blessing and honor to serve at one of the best churches. Lastly, we are eagerly awaiting the day of our precious baby girl...

She has been prayed for over the last 6 months. Her mom and I believe our role of discipling began the moment we found out she was conceived. I am SO excited to disciple her, love her, love her mama, and fellowship with our family and friends in our new home... as we go.

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