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The Common Thread

You know me. I am constantly trying to get more people to experience what I think is the best form of relaxation God can offer: the outdoors. A day in the woods or on the water resets my soul in the most refreshing way. Fly fishing is my favorite, but even beyond that I enjoy anything that has to do with wildlife and the outdoors. I find that many men either play too much or don't play at all. There is a healthy balance to this. Regardless, as we invest our lives into serving others, we are also to enjoy the blessings from God as we go.

Over the past couple of months, my friend, co-worker, and co-laborer Garth Lindsay expressed his desire to try and throw a fly. Garth was a big bass fisherman. He fished conventional tournaments and has grown up around the outdoors. He is one of those guys who are just good at everything they touch. Beginning to fly fish does require a pretty big investment. Luckily, our guy, David Parmer, invited us to his house in Elijay, Georgia along with my father-in-law, Chip. It was a quick weekend filled with a day of fishing!

To start, we got up super early to go wade the lower part of the river. This was so excited. Early mornings prepping your gear and packing up are just as exciting as stepping into the water. the unknowns fuel the initiative and energy. I was really excited because Garth was about to get his first experience in fly fishing. Needless to say, my man accomplished his goals and we netted his first trout on the fly. Check it out!

The weekend was a blast. I am so thankful for men in my life who resemble faithfulness on all fronts. It's even better when they enjoy a little fishing too!

Speaking of my love for the outdoors, I got to join Blake and another guy to go shoot some quail. This was Blake's first time hunting anything. But before you see some pictures from our day, you need to know about the man who took us...

Stacy Tapscott, known as Dr. Tapscott, is a local orthopedic surgeon who happens to not only be my doctor, but also one of my biggest encouragers. Stacy assists me in my Sunday school class, filling in for me when I am out. He has also gone on mission with me to Puerto Rico twice. Stacy and his wife, Tina, have two daughters. The youngest came through the high school ministry while I was a student minister. Stacy and Tina have loved Caroline and I so, so well. With them, we can be vulnerable, honest, and unguarded. These people are good to have when in ministry. He has played such an important life and loves our ministerial staff well.

Stacy grew up bird hunting with his dad. They have many fond memories being a part of a club and running the dogs while chasing quail throughout the season. His father hunted up to the very end of his life. There is not a doubt in my mind that Stacy has fond memories of his dad when he holds the 20 gage in his hand and breathes in the pure air of the farm while listening to the urgent yelps of excitement from the dogs. Blake and I were blessed with the privilege to hunt with Stacy. It was all the more special since his father had just recently passed. Listening to him share memories was far better than the hunt itself.

Overall, it was a great day. We learned a lot, Blake shot his first bird, and we passed the time riding around the property watching the dogs do what God created them to do.

There is a common thread between both of these experiences. Someone was introducing something they loved to someone else. It wasn't just a moment, but an experience. And in that experience, that individual found rest and peace.

My ambition is to do two things in life right now. It is to pray confidently and evangelize urgently. These words are written on my office board, right in front of my face. Just like my time with Garth helping him catch his first trout on a fly rod, I want to try and strive to bring people to the feet of Jesus. When it happens, it's magical. Blake's face when he shot his first bird was priceless. Stacy was fulfilled and I was proud. May we constantly be seeking to bring people into something we have that sustains us: a relationship with King Jesus. No matter the river, no matter the hunt, no matter the roads taken or the places we rest, may we see to always love God and love people... as we go.

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