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Perfect timing

Updated: Jan 30

Things have been BUSY. I don't think I have written in a couple of months. God has been actively working in the midst of our lives and it has been amazing to watch and be a part of. He has blessed Caroline and I beyond measure. Here are some highlights of the last couple of months...

  • In October, our church hired a new student minister in my place. Owen Meadows is truly a gift from God. He and his wife, Aleah, wear the heart of God proudly and have a contagious love for students and families. I am so confident in Owen and his abilities to lead well. Not only has he already led well up to this point, but he has also become a great friend to me!

  • Also in October, we threw our first BeSent Celebration where we welcomed 13 mission partners from around the world into our church family. During this week, we gathered multiple times, listened to the stories of each missionary and church planter, and loved on them as much as we could! Our church was equally challenged to live on mission following the event. My new role has benefited greatly from this event. Prayerfully, we are expecting 10 mission trips for our people this year! All in all, it was a highlight of my year by far.

  • November is always a fast month. We were able to go spend a whole week with my family down in Albany, Georgia. Seeing my close friends from high school is always a good time. What made this visit so sweet was how loving my friends and family are to Caroline and I. They threw us a huge baby shower. We did not deserve this at all! Shoutout to the Millers for opening their home to many of my friends and family. Caroline has a soft spot in her heart for Southwest Georgia and I love it!

  • In comes December... Christmas time is crazy- especially when you are building a house, moving in soon, and expecting a baby! Somehow I was able to line-up a moving company, pack our whole house up, move us in, and get it all settled before the baby arrived. Needless to say, after a week in Birmingham for Christmas, we are glad we have a brand new home to come back to. God is good... Seriously, He opened doors to make this a ;possibility. Thank you, Lord!

January is where things get good. The Tennessee Valley is known for its interesting weather scenarios. As a South Georgia boy who's parents are born and raised Floridians, I am not quick to get tore up about weather. However, I don't do cold. I hate it. unfortunately, January has been marked by what many have called ICEMEGEDON.

The week prior to the arrival date of our baby girl, we were receiving warnings of severe weather regarding a massive freeze. Blake, in all his kindness and grace, sent Caroline and I home on the 14th to stay in Birmingham for the week so that if she goes into labor, we aren't stuck inside due to ice!

Little did I know that at1am, her mama came to my room contracting. 15 hours later, Anne Collins King was born.

She's beautiful, just like her mother. It was the most surreal experience. I am so thankful for the nurses we were assigned and Dr. Taylor from Brookwood Medical Hospital in Vestavia Hills, AL for their service and guidance. God was truly all in the details. Caroline was amazing- her labor was relatively easy, something we don't take for granted. God answered every prayer! Now, we are home trying to figure out this new normal with our precious AC. Below is a video that will melt your heart... Until next time, our as we go initiative is in play in a whole new way. Raising this little one to walk in the ways of Christ is the greatest opportunity I have ever had. Welcome to the world, AC.

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