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Only Disciples Make Disciples

During my first year as a student pastor, I visited Decatur High School during lunch hous to visit some of our students and meet new ones. Little did I know that God had something greater in store because one day, I met Cage.

Cage is one amazing kid. His maturity is seen in his discipline and independence. His confidence expresses himself in his desire to connect with others and serve well. Soon after Cage visited our church, he wholly committed to joining our ministry. Eventually, we had the blessing of welcoming his whole family as members of FBC Decatur! Throughout high school, Cage attended a discipleship group I led every week on Tuesday mornings before school. We have spent hours together in prayer. We have worshipped side by side. We have studied God's word together. We even flew across the Caribbean to serve local church planters in Puerto Rico. The Lord has allowed me to play a role in making him a disciple of Jesus. When the day came that he was graduating high school, I waited patiently knowing God was going to use his devotion to further His kingdom in a mighty way.

That day came. In May of 2023, we commissioned Cage with the International Mission Board to go serve in Seville, Spain for the summer. He flew across the Atlantic, as a disciple, to make disciples.

I am beyond proud. This is his story. Remember, no matter the country, the city, the people, or the job, we make disciples.... As We Go.

"Over the summer, I was given the opportunity to serve in Seville, Spain alongside the IMB (International Mission Board) and I’ve got to say, it changed my life!

As I reflect on this past summer, I am still in awe of everything God did! He gave me friendships that will last forever, and taught me lessons that I hope to carry with me for the rest of my life! I am so grateful for the unwavering support and the generous contributions that made going on this journey possible, the prayers and encouragement from others were instrumental in shaping my journey.

Over the summer, we spent our time getting to know the people in our residences, local campuses, and the local church in Seville! Seville is a college town, so our residences over the summer had lots of college students in them. This gave us a chance from our first day to our last to build friendships with those that were in our residences. We spent lots of time together, whether it was over meals, a movie night, or an evening in the city! Along with the conversations God was allowing to happen, we were able to introduce all of our friends to our long-term missionaries there! My prayer is that in God’s perfect timing, conversations would lead to decisions! We also visited the local campuses; we had some great conversation and made some new friends there!

The local church we served with… AWESOME! The people that made up this church family were incredible; they are on fire for the Lord and what He is doing. They show a real passion for Him and each other! They welcomed us with open arms from the day we walked in, and I am so grateful for that! About halfway through the summer, we had a youth retreat, and man, talk about life change. It was INCREDIBLE! We witnessed students make decisions for Christ! On top of that, we just spent time together and played lots of games. The theme of the camp was Holiness, and how on our own it is unattainable. The hope is in Jesus alone, who washes us clean!

After our camp, we were given a week off from the IMB, so the four of us interns decided to pack our backpacks and explore Rome, Italy! That was a very cool trip. Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to go to Rome. It is a very cool city with lots of history. While I was there, I was able to visit the prison that the Apostle Paul was in when he was in Rome, you will see pictures of his actual cell. But spending time in there really allowed me to reflect on my own faith!

Well, if you have read this far, I am going to ask you to go a little further. There are lots of friends/mentors who have played a big role in who I am today, and I am so grateful that God allowed them to pour into me. My parents, I would not be who I am without their guidance. Seth King, he’s the man! Seth has been a Godsend of a friend who has invested in me greatly. Blake Kersey, since I graduated high school, Blake has taught me a lot and poured into me greatly! Many more, to name a few, Austin Dupper, Omar Pointer, Jonathan Freeman, Hunter Mason, Josiah Sandoval, Phillip Fortenberry, Michael Gentry, and many more!

God’s timing is always better than ours, and as we go about our lives, my prayer is that we can slow down and appreciate what God has blessed us with!

- Cage Davidson

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