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If I could only stay in Elijay...

Growing up in the deep south, vacation was always on the coast. Both of my parents are Floridians at heart. I still love the coast! I hate sand, so sitting on the beach isn't my favorite. I love the ocean. In fact, if their was once place I could fish for the rest of my life, it would be on the flats of the panhandle. There are very few scenes that really bring about a peace to my soul!

Another scene I love is the mountains. As a kid, the mountains were seen as a huge playground. In my imagination, many battles were fought and many forts were built when we stayed a week in the mountains! Obviously, with my slight obsession with fly fishing and chasing trout, the mountains have grown to be a place of adventure like none other. From where Caroline and I live, we are three and a half hours from the trout capital of the south. Elijay and Blueridge, Georgia are surrounded by creeks and streams where they stock trout. Some even hold native brookies. The stream above was one of them. It is beautiful country, one I wouldn't mind living in at some point in my life.

A couple weeks ago, we took off the the mountains of Elijay to spend time with our parents. Believe this or not, our parents are actually pretty good friends! Our moms talk almost daily. God has blessed us with this. Not too many in-laws vacation together... We don't take this for granted!


If we are all being honest here, the REAl reason everyone came together was to see that gorgeous little girl in the middle. Anne Collins embarked on her first road trip. I love this family. It truly is special. There were books read, songs sang, and good food eaten regularly! I laugh thinking about the moments when we all were in the living room with AC sitting in the middle of us. No one would be saying a word, we all would be starring at AC breath. For some reason, it was the best entertainment anyone could ask for! I will cherish these moments forever... Spending time with family, watching the sunrise come over the mountains, and talking about the Word of our God refueled my spirit. I thank God for this family! It is a BLESSING.

Oh, and we celebrated a shared birthday for Dad and Caroline of course!

If only I could stay in Elijay... I kept asking myself this question regularly! I love time with the people I care about the most. Watching them care for my sweet baby girl and encourage Caroline and I was good for the soul. The mountains are gorgeous as well. But, there is something you should know about our family... We love adventure. We are all about a good time. So naturally, my Dad and I left the house to go experience something we would have never done with the ladies... THE NATIONAL BIGFOOT MUSEUM.

Y'all, I know multiple men in my life who are die hard believers. I am not judging. The thrill of the chase could be contagious. This experience was... something. Who knew that in Blueridge, Ga, you could go explore the findings of bigfoot that were sent in by family members of the most prestige bigfoot hunters! Dad and I had a pretty good time ready the stories and looking at everything. Honestly, I was very impressed. Am I a believer? Ehhhhh I am a believer in the experience of this museum, no doubt! If you are ever close by, make a stop. It is quite the attraction! No lie, we were the first to arrive... When we were leaving, it was packed, shoulder to shoulder... Still amazed by all of this!

At the end of the day, there is a common thread of necessities that need to be acknowledged in this blog. The first is this- family means everything. Invest in it, value it, and cherish it. Secondly, adventures don't have to be extravagant. But they need to be regular! And thirdly, when the mountains call, pick up the phone. You won't be disappointed!


And do all of those things... as you go.

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