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Home of the Braves!

Braves baseball with the boys!

You know Blake... Getting to introduce him to my two best friends from home was pure fun. I've known these boys since I was in the sixth grade... Lots of memories, man. We did middle school and high school together. We spent too much time worrying about the banners we hung in the gym. Dylan lived in my neighborhood growing up. Many bike rides were spent between our houses. Parker helped me survive high school. I played football junior year because of him! These two guys love the Lord, love their church, and will remain my brothers for forever.

It was surreal talking about old times and telling them about beginning the journey of fatherhood. They have always been so supportive, so gracious, and a heck of a good time!

Georgia will always be on my mind.

S/o to Parker and Dylan... You boys are the real ones.

Welcome to this brotherhood, Blake!

As we go!

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