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Adventure Awaits

Recently, I have been really considering what true adventure is. Definitions you would find online include the words "unusual" or "exciting." I have even seen the word "hazardous" mentioned before. If you have read my other stories, you know that they contain content that involves all three! However, those definitions miss something that I count as vital to the overall idea of what it means to embark on an adventure. For the sake of what I am trying to promote, the definition for adventure goes as follows...

"Adventure is to enter the unknown as one who is known."

On May 10th, this would become even more of a reality.

When you read the stories of Old Testament figures, you find men and women being stretched in their pursuit of faithfulness. Although they fall short along the way, their lives are filled with moments and seasons of God's power and presence. He is glorified and they are transformed. When I think about those things, I think about men like Abraham, Noah, Moses, King David, Samuel, and Solomon. I also think about Ruth, Rebecca, Sara, and many other people who found themselves in the unknown of life yet willing to place their devotion in the hands of a sovereign God. In the end, their desires were met. I would even say they were surpassed! Their lives contained tension, struggle, and hardship. They also expressed God's blessing, providence, and grace. The product of such things is simply a divinely written story that captures the scene of a faithful Father in heaven.

I have always wanted to be a dad. Discipling teenage boys and building relationships with students over the course of the last 8 years of my life has increased this desire immensely. It also helped that my parents are some of my closest friends. The influential power of the father figure is nothing short of God's intentional design. Many men have played major roles in my life. My dad is the one that surpasses them all- as he should be. To play this role brings me so much joy!

As we begin dreaming of the days of the future, it has adventure written all over it. And when I say adventure, keep in mind that it isn't necessarily over night camping trips and road trips... To me, the adventure begins with no sleep throughout the first few weeks. It is found in the day baby King takes his/her first steps. It is watching his/her personality begin to take shape. the adventure ahead encompasses many moments and milestones. Sure, there are fears. But this is why I added an important element to the definition of adventure. Caroline and I can walk in to this season of life with the confidence that God is completely sovereign, loving, caring, watchful, and purposeful. Being known as His child allows us to love ours to the fullest. To really understand that is what fuels my uttermost excitement!

So here's to fatherhood- the adventure of a lifetime.

Stay tuned for the gender reveal... Plenty of content ahead!

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