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Exploring the unknown as one who is known

My name is Seth King. I am married to my wife, Caroline! We both were raised in the church with parents who loved the Lord and loved each other. A part of our childhood involved two things that I believe helped build the strong foundation we stand on today.

The first thing was community. Throughout my life, I have been blessed with many mentors, teammates, coaches, and friends. We were taught to value relationships. Without them, I have no clue where I would be today!

The second thing involves those relationships- experiences. Life is not meant to be boring. Not only were we created to be connected, but we are to enjoy the adventure long the way! I have traveled across the world and have seen many amazing places and met many amazing people. Every time I am reminded that my God is a the creator of all things and all people. We are to enjoy these things. However, we are to enjoy them as we go.

As we go where you might ask? It isn't necessarily about where we go, its about what we accomplish along the way. We are called to fulfill a purpose bigger than ourselves. We are called to glorify God. We do this by living obediently, walking faithfully, and making disciples. We do these things as we go. That in of itself is an adventure!

I hope you are encouraged an inspired by my stories. Do yourself a favor. Seek the Lord, He will be found. Seek adventure, and it will be found. But if you commit yourself to the first the second will bound to happen...

As we go.

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